FAQ's on Installation

How to install Business Online on various browsers and more

  • Installation questions
Can I still use my existing version of BOL?
Your existing version of Business Online will not be removed and will continue to be fully functional.
How do I ensure that I'm on the correct website?
You should check that the URL (web address) that appears in the address bar of your browser is whenever you are working on Business Online.
How do I install the Business Online application?
Navigate to the Business Online website ( and follow the instructions to download and install Desktop Business Online onto your computer.
I already have Java installed on my computer
You may continue using any version of Java that is required to run your other applications.
I don’t have Java installed on my computer
You will not be required to download and install Java files on your computer. The Business Online installer package contains all the files needed to run Business Online.
I have installed the Desktop Business Online but I need to install Java to run a different application
You may install any version of Java that is required for any other application. You may also update and uninstall any version of Java.
I use an Apple Macintosh computer with a Safari browser

Will I be able to download and install Desktop Business Online?

Yes. There are three versions available to download based on your computer specifications:

  • Windows 32 and 64-bit (recommended) versions for Windows operating systems
  • MAC OS X for Apple Macintosh computers
My internet browser does not allow me to download the installation file
Your Internet security policy may prohibit the download of executable files (files with an ‘.exe’ extension). Contact your system administrator for assistance.
What happens if I advertently click on the installation file icon?
The installation file is stored on your desktop and will appear in its own icon. You may save the installation file to another directory. If you click on the installation file, you will be presented with the installation wizard. If you have already installed the file, simply cancel the installation wizard.
Why is there another icon on my desktop?

It looks like the installation is stores on my desktop. After installation there are new icons on my computer.

  • The installation will create a new icon on your desktop, as well as a new link to Business Online in the Start menu. Click on the new icons to use Business Online. You may use the new version for all your daily tasks.
Will I have to download the installation file every time there is an update to Business Online
Business Online includes an update manager which will check for and download the latest updates. The download and install process described here is only required for the initial installation.
Will this version provide the same functionality as my existing Business Online
Yes. All existing functionality will be available.
The new version of BusinessOnline looks the same as the old one. What's the difference?
The difference is that the new version contains all the files required to run the Desktop Business Online in a single installer file without the need to upgrade Java versions on an ongoing basis. The old version required you to download and install Java files before you could run Business Online, as well as keep Java up to date.