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Standard Bank Business Online is a market leading transactional banking channel/platform that is intuitive, user friendly, helpful and easily available to you by using one of the following options to access Desktop Business Online: Desktop Business Online installation files or via a web browser.

The Desktop Business Online installation file contains all the files required to run Business Online, including the required Java components that are required. You are able to download and install the Desktop Business Online application on your computer whether your computer has Java already installed or not.

Refer to the below step-by-step instructions or list of frequently asked questions which will help you to install the Desktop Business Online.

How to apply for BOL

To gain access to Standard Bank’s world class Business Online banking solution, offered globally, contact our skilled team for assistance.

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Business Online Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate to the Business Online website ( and follow the instructions to download and install Desktop Business Online onto your computer.

Yes. All existing functionality will be available.

Your existing version of Business Online will not be removed and will continue to be fully functional.

Your Internet security policy may prohibit the download of executable files (files with an ‘.exe’ extension). Contact your system administrator for assistance.

    Yes. There are three versions available to download based on your computer specifications:

  • Windows 32 and 64-bit (recommended) versions for Windows operating systems
  • MAC OS X for Apple Macintosh computers

The difference is that the new version contains all the files required to run the Desktop Business Online in a single installer file without the need to upgrade Java versions on an ongoing basis. The old version required you to download and install Java files before you could run Business Online, as well as keep Java up to date.

The installation will create a new icon on your desktop, as well as a new link to Business Online in the Start menu. Click on the new icons to use Business Online. You may use the new version for all your daily tasks.

The installation file is stored on your desktop and will appear in its own icon. You may save the installation file to another directory. If you click on the installation file, you will be presented with the installation wizard. If you have already installed the file, simply cancel the installation wizard.

Business Online includes an update manager which will check for and download the latest updates. The download and install process described here is only required for the initial installation.

You will not be required to download and install Java files on your computer. The Business Online installer package contains all the files needed to run Business Online.

You may continue using any version of Java that is required to run your other applications.

You may install any version of Java that is required for any other application. You may also update and uninstall any version of Java.

Contact your Standard Bank/Stanbic Bank Relationship Manager. Alternatively, please contact our Service Support Contact Centre.

No. Business Online does not require the use of Trusteer Rapport software.

You can change your personal details within Business Online. Select the ‘Administration’ menu option and then select ‘change personal details’. (NOTE: You cannot change your details if you are using a back-up token).

The safety of your profile is determined by the key logging and malware detection devices and controls on the computer you use to log on. Additional protection is provided by two-factor authentication, which will offer a more secure login. You are advised to avoid using public computers, in cyber cafés or libraries for example, or computers that are unfamiliar. The risk of compromising your login credentials is higher when you use a computer that is not your own.

You should check that the URL (web address) that appears in the address bar of your browser is whenever you are working on Business Online.

No, you will not able to access Business Online without a token, however as a new Business Online User, before you receive your token, one-time passwords (OTPs) will be sent to you via cellphone. OTPs can be used to log on to Business Online until your token is delivered to you.

Contact Business Online on 0860 123 007 to arrange for a new token.

The average lifespan of a token is five years.

Business Online will activate the registration screen once we receive confirmation from the courier that your token has been delivered. When you log on to Business Online a message will be displayed prompting you to register the token. Once you have completed the registration screen, the system will automatically activate your token details and the next time you log on you will be required to enter the one-time password obtained/generated by the token.

Once you have registered your token, you will be asked for two passwords whenever you log on to Business Online:

  • ‘Password’ is your own password. You decide on this password yourself.
  • ‘One-time password’ is the six-digit code generated by your token. To retrieve your password, push the button once to switch your token on, and then once more to generate the code. Enter this code into the ‘one-time password’ field and you will be ready to start using Business Online.

A new one-time password is generated by your token every 32 seconds. This password is valid for approximately 32 seconds, and will be rejected if used after this period.

No. If a token has already been assigned to another operator, Standard Bank will need to provide you with a new token. Please contact Business Online on 0860 123 007 to arrange for a new token.

Yes. Your token will be suspended if you enter your one-time password incorrectly three times. You will need to contact Business Online on 0860 123 007 to resynchronise your token.

Report lost or stolen tokens to Business Online on 0860 123 007. Standard Bank will issue you with a new token after validating your request with your company's designated person. One-time passwords will be sent via SMS until you receive your new token. You will need to register your new token as soon as you receive it.

A request to deactivate your token needs to be placed by your designated person to Business Online on 0860 123 007.

No. Once a token has been deactivated, you will need to contact Business Online on 0860 123 007 to assist in providing access to Business Online.

You will need to contact Business Online on 0860 123 007 to assist.