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Business Online




Our Business Online banking platform puts online Corporate and Business Banking at your fingertips 24/7, anytime, anywhere. And, leveraging off the Standard Bank Group’s extensive global footprint and state-of-the-art systems, you now have instant access to your entire Standard Bank/Stanbic banking portfolio across products, countries and currencies – all with a single login.

Latest news

Welcome to Business Online

We will be following a standard naming convention across all markets from 12 October 2015. Our banking platform, previously known as new Business Online, is now called Business Online. We are still bringing you all the benefits you are accustomed to and more.


Finacle Banking platform

You will have noted that your account number has been automatically updated to a new account number which you can use to transact on the Channel.


Transactional Status Feedback (Payments)

(New in Swaziland)

This service offers detailed feedback (at batch, instruction and transaction level) on the status of a Business Online instruction after processing has completed.



Itemised and Consolidated Postings (Payments)

(New in Swaziland)

This functionality enables you to choose to have your batch transactions reflected on the Statement as either a Consolidated Posting (one posting of the accumulated value for the batch) or as Itemised Postings (a value posting for each single transaction within the batch).



Pay Alerts

(New in Swaziland)

You will be able to inform your beneficiaries by fax, email or text message when you make a payment to them.


Transaction codes

(New in Swaziland)

You receive transactional narrative and transaction type code information via bank statements and online mechanisms like Business Online and SWIFT to provide you with your inflow and outflow informational requirements.

Real-time Balances and Real-time Movements

(New in Swaziland)

This functionality has now been enabled.


System Updates

Clearing of Java cache and system download

Further enhancements to the Business Online electronic banking platform are planned for 10 October 2015. You will be required to conduct a full download of the Business Online application from 11 October 2015. In order to ensure that the latest software is downloaded, you need to clear your Java cache before clicking on the login button.
Please click here for easy steps on how to clear your Java cache.

Are you using the latest version of Java?

By using the latest version of Java, your Business Online platform benefits from improved performance, stability and security. The latest version of Java is available at www.java.com

Java Update Required

Versions of Java below version 7, update 6, do not support the latest enhancements to Business Online. To ensure that your access to Business Online is not disrupted, your organisation will need to upgrade to Java version 7, update 6 or any higher version before 09 November 2013.