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Our Business Online banking platform puts online Corporate and Business Banking at your fingertips 24/7, anytime, anywhere. And, leveraging off the Standard Bank Group’s extensive global footprint and state-of-the-art systems, you now have instant access to your entire Standard Bank/Stanbic banking portfolio across products, countries and currencies – all with a single login.

Latest news

Welcome to Business Online

We will be following a standard naming convention across all markets from 12 October 2015. Our banking platform, previously known as new Business Online, is now called Business Online. We are still bringing you all the benefits you are accustomed to and more.

Zambia Direct Debit and Credit Clearing (DDACC) upgrade for Service Provider Identification (SPID)

(New in Zambia)

As the Zambia Electronic Clearing House (ZECH) has recently upgraded their systems, it now requires every client with an account to use a unique Service Provider Identification (SPID) number. SPID will be mandatory for all customers when initiating a payment on BOL.


Suspend dormant user accounts

(New in Botswana, Kenya, DRC, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Zambia and South Sudan)

User accounts that have been inactive for the last 90 days will be suspended to prevent dormant users being targeted by cyber criminals.


SADC BOL Online implementation

(New in Malawi, Mauritius, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe)

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has initiated the Integrated Regional Settlement System (SIRESS) payment system to facilitate and enable an easier and faster payment system for urgent transactions/payments within the region.


Itemised and Consolidated Posting

(New in Lesotho)

This service provides positive feedback, at batch and transaction level, on the status of an instruction while it is being processed.


Transaction Status Feedback

(New in Lesotho)

This enhancement allows you to display one consolidated posting, or set up itemised postings, which will then be displayed on your statements.


Pay Alerts

New in Lesotho)

You will be able to inform your beneficiaries (or their nominated representatives) electronically of a payment made to them. These notifications can be delivered via text message, email or fax.


Restrict Kenya domestic Agent Bank payments to 15 character accounts

(New in Kenya)

The purpose of the change restrict Unpaids when paying to Agent Bank accounts by ensuring that the market practice of 15 digit accounts is validated when creating a beneficiary.


System Updates

Clearing of Java cache and system download

Further enhancements to the Business Online electronic banking platform are planned for 10 October 2015. You will be required to conduct a full download of the Business Online application from 11 October 2015. In order to ensure that the latest software is downloaded, you need to clear your Java cache before clicking on the login button.
Please click here for easy steps on how to clear your Java cache.

Are you using the latest version of Java?

By using the latest version of Java, your Business Online platform benefits from improved performance, stability and security. The latest version of Java is available at www.java.com

Java Update Required

Versions of Java below version 7, update 6, do not support the latest enhancements to Business Online. To ensure that your access to Business Online is not disrupted, your organisation will need to upgrade to Java version 7, update 6 or any higher version before 09 November 2013.